Cristina graduated from Melbourne University with Majors in painting and printmaking. Her career has seen her employed as a secondary art teacher, graphic designer, video producer and marketing manager.

Cristina is currently working on a series of acrylic paintings on canvas and mixed media projects using collage and printmaking techniques to comment on the effects of social media on ‘community’.

Obsession, fraud and superficiality in the digital age have been a recurring theme in Cristina’s work during 2017 and 2018. Her current work employs plant matter as a metaphor to imply a slow and insidious takeover. At first glance, Cristina’s paintings appear pretty, conventional and innocent but on close inspection a sinister undertone reigns.

Cristina relies on speedy and abbreviated line drawing to give familiarity to forms which are essentially abstract in composition. Brushwork is broad, fluid and lyrical and instils energy while her use of colour can be described as both sensitive and brave. Her joy in the juxtaposition of brilliant colour contrasted with matt, flat and lean paint is characteristic of her contemporary style.

Cristina’s work has been exhibited in Melbourne CBD, Daylesford, Richmond and South Yarra gallery spaces.

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